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Acting responsibly in Cyberspace

Acting responsibly in Cyberspace

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Programme Director
Robert Black

Project Manager
Wendy Head

Despite decades of governments’ initiatives cyberspace remains as contested as ever, with more and more actors conducting themselves in ways detrimental to the betterment of humanity.

In isolation, individual states have limited agency to turn back a global tide of malicious cyber activity; yet collectively they have the potential for great change towards a more amenable cyberspace. A key part of the UK’s strategy is the focus on developing international partnerships and building a shared vision for the future of cyberspace. More specifically, in 2022 the UK government launched a new National Cyber Strategy 2022 which sets out the UK’s ongoing commitment to being a leading responsible and democratic cyber power.

This Wilton Park dialogue brings together representatives from governments from a range of partner countries, security and cyber experts from NGOs, industry and academia, technology experts and representatives from civil society to explore this vision in more detail. Delegates will explore the meaning of the concept of responsible and democratic cyber power and what that entails with respect to the aspects of legitimacy, accountability and transparency for a state acting responsibly in cyberspace. It will consider how best we can work towards achieving a collective and inclusive approach to cybersecurity.  It will ask delegates to explore mechanisms for how states can regulate the behaviour of all actors in cyber space not just states but industry and others actors as well. Additional topics to consider are whether there is a responsibility for responsible cyber powers to protect minority groups or nations with less mature cyber security capabilities. 

This dialogue will offer a forum to bring a range of diverse perspectives from across the globe to explore how states can practically strive towards improving cyberspace through their own actions, setting themselves apart as leaders for a better digital future by promoting responsible behaviour, whilst still recognising the inherent challenges and real politick of the digital realm. 

By building cooperation between government partners and relevant stakeholders we can further efforts to build a shared vision for the future of cyberspace and agree on how to move it forward.

Project Manager: Wendy Head

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