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Collaborative conflict resolution in a competitive age

Wiston House 2 December 2022 (1)

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Programme Director
Alison Hilliard

Project Manager
Wendy Head

Conflicts globally are increasing in scale, intensity, and duration leaving a devastating toll on communities around the world.  Most global challenges today are worsened by conflict – from climate insecurity to migration, terrorism and poverty.

International resolution efforts are under intense pressure to end violence and address the root causes of conflict. This is giving rise to a range of mediation approaches, led by actors including states, regional bodies, and NGOs in addition to the UN.  New approaches and practice are emerging which have potential to transform the ways we work together – although we also need to manage the risks that arise when there is competition, or our interests do not align.

This event will bring together those active in conflict resolution to reflect on experience to date, build new forms of collaboration and ultimately strengthen the international conflict resolution system.

In partnership with the Office for Conflict, Stabilisation and Mediation, FCDO

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