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Maximising our influence and response to conflict: should gender matter in a crisis?

Monday 22 April – Wednesday 24 April 2024 | WP3417

The International Day of UN Peacekeepers 2021


Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 April, 2024

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Programme Director
Julia Purcell

Project Manager
Sandry Koo

This Wilton Park event aims to interrogate the complex process of translating gender policy into practice, recognising that it can be more political than technical. It will examine how the UK delivers on gender objectives whilst managing other political and security priorities in a rapidly evolving situation.

Focused, discreet dialogue will enable open and honest exploration of the multiple pressures at play and seek to understand the barriers and enablers to implementing gender policy in a meaningful way in conflict contexts.

Understanding why and how gender issues are considered (or not) is vital if we are to maximise influence in conflict contexts. We want to deliver the ambition in the UK’s International Women and Girls Strategy as well as achieving more sustainable peace and security outcomes. These are not mutually exclusive. However, decision-making on foreign and development policy, particularly in complex conflict situations, will inevitably engage a range of political, security, and economic/trade considerations.

We need to understand the process of decision making, our prioritisation, and any trade-offs that are made in the moment, to understand how we might better promote gender considerations.

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