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Conflict Related Sexual Violence Survivor Retreat




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Programme Director
Julia Purcell

Project Manager
Sarah-Jane Holtam

Taking a survivor-centred approach is a key principle of the UK’s Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative (PSVI) Strategy. As part of this, this retreat will bring together survivors, children born of Conflict Related Sexual Violence (CRSV), experts, civil society representatives and governments from across the world to consider how to effectively address CRSV through supporting survivor networks and strengthening the voices of survivors and children born of CRSV in national and international policy making.

This retreat will maintain momentum from the PSVI Conference held on the 28-29 November 2022, attended by over 1000 delegates, including representatives from 57 countries, survivors, civil society and experts. Survivors were at the heart of the conference, playing key roles in preparations for and delivery of the event. This also resulted in lessons learned about how to support effective survivor participation that this retreat will build on.

53 countries signed a Political Declaration launched at the Conference that included a commitment to drive change in a survivor-centred way that amplifies survivor voices. There is therefore clear commitment to ensuring the voices of survivors continue to be heard in addressing CRSV.

The retreat will also build on the 2017 ‘Principles for Global Action – Preventing and Addressing Stigma Associated with Conflict-Related Sexual Violence’. This document aims to encourage increased will, resources and action from policymakers in ending CRSV-associated stigma. It includes ten recommendations, including recommendation 3 to ‘Support local, national, regional and global victim/survivor networks that provide a safe space to have a voice and be empowered, including establishing and sustaining an international platform for survivors/victims and peer support through local/national networks.’

Project Manager: Sarah-Jane Holtam


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