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Council on Geostrategy

Royal Navy HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08), Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier.

Wilton Park is delighted to be supporting the Council on Geostrategy’s event, Extending ‘Global Britain’ through naval diplomacy, on 14 and 15 October 2021.

The conference aims to enhance understanding of the strategic impact of major naval deployments across the military, political, diplomatic, economic and cultural spectrums.

Keynote speeches include naval diplomacy in a more competitive age and ‘Global Britain’ after the Integrated Review.

Participants will consider Global Britain and naval diplomacy: Securing the national interest, lessons for today’s more competitive age, and naval diplomacy and ‘discursive statecraft’: shaping an open international order.

Breakouts will investigate naval diplomacy in theory and practice, naval diplomacy alongside discursive statecraft and strategic communication, and how naval diplomacy could be used to reinforce ‘Global Britain’

Wilton Park reference number: WH0584

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