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Defence and Security of Space

Oberon SAR – Credit Dstl – Defence Space Strategy



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Programme Director
Rich Roberts

Project Manager
Sarah-Jane Holtam

Sharing perspectives on military operations and behaviours in space

Our use of space is multiplying, it touches many aspects of our lives but we take it for granted. Every time we use our smartphones to navigate, take a flight or check the weather forecast we are using space. Space systems are also a major part of military capability enabling freedom of action through global communications, command and control, navigation and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. Space systems are also critical for maintaining strategic stability. They are central to verifying adherence to arms controls treaties, ballistic missile launch warning and nuclear command and control.

Military interest in space as a domain is accelerating. The range of actors with the ability to disrupt, disable and deny space systems and the services they provide is growing. Given the vital role played by space systems for prosperity, development and security, it is critical for States to find ways to reduce the risk of miscalculation and escalation so that we can all continue to benefit from space.

At this Wilton Park event, participants will discuss and consider the importance of space and its widespread use, alongside the growing threats in the space domain and to space systems.

Wilton Park reference number: WP3110

Project Manager: Sarah-Jane Holtam

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