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Diversification and resilience: a blue, digital and green future for small islands and micro-states (WP1494)


Small islands and other micro-states have unique vulnerabilities and are open to a disproportionate level of risk exposure to global economic and climate shocks, due in large part to their small size, remoteness and narrow resource and export base.

There is a need for these economies to develop resilient and transformative pathways to reflect changing global conditions – removing their dependence on a narrow sectoral focus and expanding the range, depth and breadth of partnerships in developing balanced and sustainable futures for their citizens. A focus on entrepreneurship and innovation will be instrumental in ensuring that diversity can flourish – how can countries harness and encourage collaboration and investment in new sectors?

This event brought together innovative thinkers from the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific Islands, as well as from other micro-states, emerging and developed economies to begin to map out a pathway for policymaking, investment and sustainable growth in potentially fragile conditions.

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