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Fit For Purpose: Rethinking Mediation and Peace Process Support in a Changing Conflict Landscape.


This Wilton Park meeting seeks to challenge the orthodoxy on mediation thinking and practice in the donor and practitioner community with the recognition that the changing nature of conflict requires an innovative approach to mediation and peace processes. It will bring together key stakeholders from across the donor, policy and practitioner community, and provide an opportunity for both bilateral partners and leading mediation experts to discuss these new ideas, and how they might contribute to more effective innovation and coherence in mediation and peace process support globally.

The meeting will provide an opportunity to advance current debate on approaches to mediation and peace processes and identify key principles that could help address the challenges of peace-making in the contemporary conflict landscape.

In association with the Mediation and Peace Process Support Team (MAPPS), Conflict, Stabilisation and Mediation Directorate, FCDO

Wilton Park reference number: WP2006

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