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Good governance and effective citizen engagement (WP1579)


The purpose of this event was to further support an open and participative facts-based policy discussion, contributing to open, accountable and participatory governance in Serbia. Citizens’ right to vote and to voice their opinion, are cornerstones of a democratic society. Civic engagement is the basic precondition for an open and accountable government, stable and efficient democratic institutions and good representation of community interests in the policy-making process. The sustainability of citizen-to-institution interaction is possible when good governance principles are well placed and embedded.

This event looked at how to include different perspectives and opinions into the policy process, with the aim of increasing public influence on policy development and implementation.

The event was divided into two parts:

  • A one day policy discussion of around 50 people, working to identify tools and approaches to support good governance and effective citizen engagement, and suggest recommendations for future action;
  • A larger half-day conference immediately following, which will allow the conclusions of the former to be debated, and further inputs made.

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