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Implementing the responsibility to protect: the role of regional and sub-regional partners [WP922]


Friday 11 to Sunday 13 July, 2008

This conference discussed the following points:

  • Capacity-building in societies
  • Early warning
  • Preventive diplomacy and mediation
  • Co-ordination and joint missions
  • Developing protection doctrine
  • How can the UN and Member States build capacity in regional and sub-regional mechanisms?
  • How can the UN strengthen its own capacity to engage with regional and sub-regional partners?

Key points:

  • How does the UN work most effectively with regional mechanisms?
  • What is the added value of regional and sub-regional partners?
  • What are the key UN bodies that need to engage, and how should their engagement differ?
  • At what stage of a situation of crisis should the UN become involved, and how should this be determined: How can such engagement by the UN with regional and sub-regional bodies be effectively institutionalised within the organisation?

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