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In-person meeting of the 2023 Wilton Park Youth Ambassador Network

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Programme Director
Rich Roberts

Policy Officer
Marta Manfrin

Young and diverse voices enhance the nature and outcomes of our dialogues. It is important to us that we welcome the next generation of opinion formers and policymakers into Wilton Park’s established network. The Wilton Park Youth Ambassador Network is a great opportunity for students interested in a career in foreign policy, international affairs and diplomacy to get involved.

A select group of students from The University of Sussex / Institute of Development Studies, King’s College London, Manchester Metropolitan University, Cardiff University, The University of Edinburgh and Queen’s University Belfast have been invited for two days to Wiston House, the home of Wilton Park.

The diverse cohort of students, with an interest in a broad range of policy areas including but not limited to human rights, peace and stabilisation, global health, climate change and security, will have an opportunity to meet colleagues they would not meet otherwise, to break down silos and expand their network.

During this in-person meeting, students will learn more about Wilton Park and the importance of networks and dialogue. They will experience our world-class dialogues first-hand and will present ideas and programmes for their own Wilton Park-style dialogue at their respective universities. We invite them to challenge existing ideas and generate new ones, both at the in-person meeting and during their events.

For more info, visit the Youth Ambassador Network webpage Youth Ambassador Network – Wilton Park or contact us:

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