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Latin America – Africa network of human rights and criminal law practitioners    


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In support of the Guernica 37 proposal to facilitate an expert network of human rights and criminal law practitioners, the meeting will convene a selected group of Latin American key law professionals and advocates expert on national litigation of human rights violations and systematic commission of international crimes, alongside key African practitioners, stakeholders and agents who are currently addressing these issues within the momentum of an emerging national accountability process. The meeting will explore ways in which Africa could make use of the Latin American judicial experience of prosecuting human rights abuses by autocratic/military regimes, to prosecute apartheid related cases.  

The meeting will provide an opportunity for participants to:   

  • share experiences   
  • promote and strengthen good practice   
  • create a network of practitioners in these countries who are active in such fields, in support of future collaboration and co-operation.

In partnership with Guernica 37 Group, the Guernica 37 Centre and the Guernica 37 Chambers 

Wilton Park reference number: WP2013

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