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Nuclear non-proliferation: preparing for the 2015 NPT Review Conference (WP1343)

This conference assessed the prospects and opportunities for, as well as the challenges to, a successful outcome at the 2015 NPT Review Conference.

Participants examined:

  • what is at stake at the 2015 Review Conference, both in terms of the NPT regime’s viability as a focus for non-proliferation diplomacy and its objectives for nuclear non-proliferation
  • how effectively the different tracks on nuclear disarmament complement each other
  • the contribution of the P5 process to the NPT Review
  • the evolving context of non-proliferation
  • the status of negotiations with Iran
  • the Helsinki Conference on the Middle East WMD-Free Zone

A special session looked at the bargains involved in the 1995 decision to indefinitely extend the NPT, as we approach the 20th anniversary of that moment. The dialogue then turned to what an outcome document at the Review might look like, first in a round of focused working groups, and then in full sessions.

Further information

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