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PMSCs: working towards an international code of conduct [WP979]

This conference discussed the following points:


  • There is broad consensus to draft an international Code of Conduct for Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) based on international humanitarian and human rights law, to include oversight and accountability mechanisms, as reflected in a statement agreed by representatives of PMSCs and their associations (see Appendix I);
  • There is acceptance that the PMSC industry must take the lead in this process. However industry cannot act alone and needs strong and substantial support from other stakeholders, with civil society helping to ensure the process remains committed to the highest standards;
  • There is substantial agreement on the general structure of an international Code of Conduct (see Appendix II);
  • There is recognition that a recurring challenge will be how to broaden participation of PMSCs in an international Code of Conduct without weakening the standards it contains.

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