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Promoting rules-based systems for global economic growth [WP1200]


In association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London

An efficient and competitive global economy requires effective, legitimate rules-based systems for multilateral cooperation and governance. Newly emerging economic powers, particularly amongst middle income countries, are beginning to play a major role in global trade, Intellectual Property rights, foreign investment and aid – how best to ensure engagement with the development and maintenance of the structures of international economic governance?

This conference sought to strengthen the engagement of emerging powers in the development and maintenance of rules-based systems for global economic governance. Participants explored the values and drivers underpinning stakeholders’ current levels of engagement and how to ensure on-going cooperation in developing a ‘level playing field’ of global standards for economic interaction. The conference identified participants’ specific objectives and challenges when considering the rules underpinning international trade and to strike a balance in the application and potential reform or creation of these structures.

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