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Reimagining UK development assistance to 2030 and beyond


Wilton Park will host a series of dialogues to reimagine UK development assistance to 2030 and beyond. The series will bring together stakeholders from across the development and climate sectors for three dialogues over 10 months.

Today’s global development challenges are increasingly complex, severe, and inter-connected, from global health security to climate change and environmental degradation. The only way such global challenges can be addressed is through collaboration and coordination with national systems and support from international partners. The UK has long been a leader in the international development community. In March 2021, the UK Government published the Integrated Review. This includes the pledge to remain a world-leading international development donor committed to the global fight against poverty, and to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, albeit with a leaner budget.

The UK Government is now developing an International Development Strategy to set out the long-term approach to aid. The new strategy comes at a pivotal time as the aid community considers how to tackle pressing global issues. As the UK Government develops this strategy, there are opportunities to consider the framework for and focus of UK development assistance, and the UK’s role within the international development arena.

Wilton Park reference number: WP1974

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