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Stepping up the level of prosecution for people trafficking, modern slavery, organised immigration crime and forced labour across Europe (WP1590)

Director of Public Prosecutions for England and Wales is holding a summit for Prosecutors General from selected countries. The objectives are to:

  • Step up the level of activity across all our countries to trace, restrain and confiscate the proceeds of crime acquired through the criminal exploitation of others.
  • Identify ways to provide better support and protection to victims and witnesses so that we secure their evidence – especially where they return to their home country – and prevent further crime against those victims or others.
  • Learn how to use vital tools and resources such as Eurojust, Joint Investigation Teams, Europol and Interpol to the maximum to help us pursue and prosecute more offenders more effectively.
  • Set the agenda for continuing bilateral and multi-lateral dialogue aimed at removing blockages, gaps and obstacles to effective international co-operation between our countries, reflecting the high level of priority we all attach to prosecuting modern slavery and people trafficking.
  • Establish a strong and active international network of expert prosecutors tackling people trafficking, exploitation and forced labour, recognising our vital role in bringing offenders to justice working in close partnership with law enforcement.

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