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Thailand-UK Policy Retreat


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Programme Director
James Corré

Project Manager
Sarah-Jane Holtam

As the United Kingdom deepens its engagement in Southeast Asia, Thailand will be an essential partner. The bilateral relationship between Thailand and the UK has a strong foundation with extensive trade and investment ties, expanding tourism and education links, and long-standing Royal connections. However, changing geopolitical and geoeconomic circumstances have given new urgency on both sides towards deepening the relationship. Both countries now face growing uncertainty and new pressures from great power competition and insecurity in neighbouring regions, presenting areas of shared strategic interest as well as shared challenges. In this context, it is more important than ever for Thailand and the UK to find new pathways for cooperation on emerging shared interests.

This event will bring together Thai and UK leaders to deepen connections between the two countries and explore promising areas for future cooperation. The delegations will include government officials, parliamentarians, foreign policy experts, and representatives from industry, civil society and academia. The two-day Retreat will include sessions on geopolitics, security cooperation, regional architecture, the climate crisis and economic development. The Asia Foundation will produce a Synthesis Report following the Retreat, in consultation with members of both delegations.

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