Working with China on sustainable growth: the climate change, environment, energy nexus [WP1000]

This conference discussed the following points:


  • As China moves from an export-fuelled economy to one that relies on domestic consumption how can its industry develop in a more sustainable way?
  • What mechanisms can be put in place to manage resources cost-effectively while achieving a “harmonious” relationship with the environment?
  • As global efforts to combat climate change rise on the international agenda, how can they be made a priority for Chinese political and business leaders?
  • How can green measures become an integral part of the economic recovery process?
  • How to finance new technologies?
  • What role for NGOS, the media and cyberspace in raising awareness of environment issues?
  • How can international business links encourage a “green” approach?
  • How can China incorporate environmental awareness in its resource trading strategy, particularly in Africa?

…as always the unique Wilton Park format generated most stimulating discussion both in and outside the conference room. The shared understandings created will yet again be carried back to the global institutions represented – to the benefit of all.

Michael Kershaw, Managing Director, Principal Investments, HSBC Bank Limited
Thu 8 - Sun 11 October, 2009

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Global economy
China, climate change, energy, environment, sustainable growth

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