Implementing peace in Colombia: the challenges of FARC reintegration (WP1604)

Implementing peace in Colombia: the challenges of FARC reintegration (WP1604)Image: Bogotá Street Art by McKay Savage

The reincorporation of the FARC former combatants into civilian life, a phase that began in August 2017, remains a challenge for the Colombian peace process. In this meeting, participants had the opportunity to discuss approaches to reintegration and options for sustainability: how to accelerate the design and implementation of agricultural and other types of reintegration projects; explore rank, gender, age and ethnic approaches and community-based perspectives to reintegration; the role of national and international actors in the process including donors and the academic and private sectors; and key lessons from previous experiences in Colombia and other post-conflict contexts.

The meeting provided an informal, unofficial opportunity for key stakeholders and reintegration experts to explore together how to tackle the challenging issues facing implementation of the reincorporation phase.

This action oriented forum, drawing on both Colombian and international expertise, sought to assess:

  • the unique challenges that arise when reintegrating former FARC combatants into rural settings
  • how to link specific adhoc programmes in support of a comprehensive reintegration process
  • how to reconcile government and FARC visions for the reintegration process

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Mon 26 - Wed 28 February, 2018


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Conflict prevention, resolution and state building
Colombia, FARC, peace, reintegration

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The Colombia peace agreement and its implementation (WP1604)

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