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Partnerships for development forum [WP882]

Partnerships for development forum [WP882]
Wednesday 16 - Friday 18 April, 2008
Wiston House

Wilton Park
West Sussex
BN44 3DZ
+44 (0) 1903 815 020

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This conference discussed the following points:

  • What are the key challenges and opportunities of foundation funding for development?
  • What lessons can we draw from others’ experiences?
  • To what extent is it possible or desirable for NGOs, the private sector, governments and foundations to develop a common agenda in developing countries?
  • What are the emerging world trends likely to influence funders’ longer-term commitments?
  •  How best can funders help in Africa?
  • How can funders improve aid effectiveness and ensure rigorous accountability?
  • What ways can networking and cooperation be improved between individual funders, as well as between funders, NGOs, government and the private sector?
  • Funders of development initiatives want their contribution to make the maximum possible impact. But how?
  •  By taking risks and innovating or playing it safe?
  • How can impact be assessed?
  • A funder needs to develop strong, streamlined and transparent methodologies involving both implementers and recipients. Funders must be prepared to learn from mistakes and share tough lessons.



Programme Director: Robin Hart

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