Energy security in the European Union: green linkages and the Black Sea context [WP911]

This conference discussed the following points:

  • Does the January 2008 EU Commission Energy Security and Climate Change Action Plan suggest a viable way forward for increasing energy security and reducing carbon emissions?
  •  How can the 2020 renewable energy targets be met?
  • How are developments in the Black Sea Region impacting upon the region’s growing importance as an energy transit route from Central Asia and the Middle East to the EU?
  • How can the Black Sea synergy be used to enhance energy co-operation?
  • How will energy supply from Russia develop?
  • How are political dynamics affecting the location of proposed pipelines?

13 May, 2008

Crowne Plaza, Bucharest

Bulevardul Poligrafiei 1
Bucharest 013704, Romania
Tel: + 21 224 0034
Crowne Plaza‎

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Multilateral institutions, key countries and regions, Sustainable development and the environment

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