The South Caucasus and wider Black Sea neighbourhood: regional developments and Euro-Atlantic integration [WP995]

This conference discussed the following points:

  • How are the European Union (EU) and NATO responding to the growing geo-strategic importance of the South Caucasus and Central Asia?
  • How are EU neighbourhood and NATO action plans being implemented?
  • Where is further progress needed?
  • What role is the South Caucasus playing in EU energy security?
  • What are the key political and governance issues in the region?
  • How are conflicts in the region being addressed?
  • What are the prospects for resolution?

This [Wilton Park] conference is one of the highest level intellectual debates in which I have ever participated.

Temuri Yakobashvili, Vice Prime Minister and State Minister for Reintegration Issues
Mon 23 - Thu 26 November, 2009

Wiston House

Wilton Park
Wiston House, Steyning
West Sussex
BN44 3DZ
+44 (0) 1903 815 020
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Defence and security, Multilateral institutions, key countries and regions
energy security, EU, integration, NATO, South Caucasus

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