The Resilient 40


Resilient 40

The #Resilient40 (#R40) is an African youth climate network made up of almost 70 young leaders from 29 African countries. They are a unique diverse cross-sectoral group of passionate individuals committed to working with communities on climate, and making their voices heard across Africa and globally. This next generation of leaders created a platform to build momentum to face the threat of climate change and to improve climate resilience across Africa. The #R40 met for the first time at a Wilton Park event held in South Africa in March 2019, in collaboration with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The group then gathered for the second time in Ethiopia in January 2020.

May 2020

Climate change in Africa: opportunities & challenges

The R40 held their first virtual summit for members – Climate change in Africa: opportunities and challenges in May 2020. The virtual summit was delivered by them, with support from Wilton Park, and hosted a variety of expert speakers, focusing on just transition & energy, disaster risks management (COVID19) and climate change governance.

Resilient 40 article on Covid19, Climate Change and Africa’s Multifaceted Vulnerability

Meet two of the #Resilient40 from our time in Ethiopia in January 2020.

January 2020

Climate change in Africa: opportunities & challenges

The second time the Resilient40 met was in January 2020, at the beautiful Kuriftu Resort in Bishoftu, Ethiopia 62 participants representing 29 African countries plus individuals from UK met to identify practical ways they can build climate resilience across Africa. This meeting of the Resilient40 was intended to strengthen and nourish the network established in March 2019.  Collaboration with the British Embassy in Addis Ababa resulted in the group creating crucial links with the African Union and the African Union Youth Envoy. Wilton Park worked with the United Kingdom’s (UK) Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Department for International Development (DFID). With the UK hosting COP26, FCO and DFID stay dedicated to lifting #R40 voices on the international stage and WP hope continue supporting this group in this journey.

March 2019

The Alternative Africa Climate Week: 40 under 40 to build resilience

The group met for the first time in March 2019 in South Africa. Convened by Wilton Park The Alternative Africa Climate Week: 40 under 40 to build resilience brought together young leaders from eleven African countries to discuss how to build greater resilience in Africa to cope with climate change. The aim of this first dialogue was to provide a platform for the emerging generation of leaders to discuss how individuals, societies, and governments can become more resilient in their responses to climate change. The group were joined by some British experts to build connections between the UK and Africa on climate and help strengthen the case for collaborative international action. Sharing expertise and setting out their agenda for resilience the group of changemakers named themselves Resilient40. Wilton Park convened this group in partnership with the Africa Climate Reality Project and the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.