First steps in China

13 March, 2012

Iain Ferguson, Chair of the Wilton Park Board, writes:

Every journey, however long, starts with a first step and, on Monday, Wilton Park took its first step in China.

We started with meetings at the Embassy and its key staff who have helped us develop this first China conference. Sebastian Wood, our Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China stressed the importance of this meeting, held with the Communist Party School that trains the Chinese leadership, in the overall context of the Embassy’s work. He, together with Li Jingtian, Executive Vice President at the Party School will open the conference on Tuesday.  China’s rapid growth means that the British Embassy in Beijing is now the number two in the world, second only to Washington.

Yesterday evening, we welcomed our international participants with an informal dinner at which the debate on the subject of the conference “Prosperity in a new world economic order” began.  Already we have had some lively exchanges which bode well for the conference start on Tuesday.

We have been blessed with clear skies and good quality air which has allowed us to see Beijing. Tomorrow we take the second step in Wilton Park’s history in China…….

Another post from Iain in China will be available shortly.

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