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Cyber security [WP1056]

We need ‘cyber security’ to address ‘cyber attack’. But what are we securing and from where is the attack? In this episode, we explore what and who are involved in this new domain and the wider implications for the governance and control of cyber-space.

Recorded during October 2010, at our meeting on managing the risks of cyber crime, the contributors were:

Colonel Ilmar Tamm, Director of the Co-operative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, Tallinn

Tom Ilube, Managing Director, Consumer Markets, CallCredit, and former Chief Information Officer at Egg plc

Anne Bader, Principal, Bader Resources LLC, Washington DC and Director of North American Programs, Institute of Statecraft and Government, University of Oxford

Harvey Rishikof, Professor, National War College and Chair of the American Bar Association’s Committee on National Security, Washington DC

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