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Nuclear non-proliferation [WP1062]

2010 saw a major breakthrough in the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty on weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. We discuss its significance; focusing on the dynamics at play in the region, the bottlenecks and the first steps to forward progress.

This is the first podcast recorded during our meeting in December 2010.


Contributors are:

HE Mr Maged Abdel-Fattah Abdelaziz, Ambassador and Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the United Nations, New York

Sir Richard Dalton, Associate Fellow, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Chatham House, London

Olli Heinonen, Senior Fellow, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge MA

Image: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards fire test missiles during the first phase of military manoeuvres in the central desert outside the holy city of Qom, 02 November 2006.

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