The Colombia peace agreement and its implementation (WP1604)

29 March, 2018
Conflict prevention, resolution and state building
Colombia, FARC, peace, reintegration

The peace agreement signed in late 2016 between the Colombian government and the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC) ended more than 50 years of conflict, making it a hugely important development not only for Colombia itself but more widely for the field of conflict resolution. The signing of the agreement started a complex implementation process that will take many years for completion. This Podcast was recorded in Colombia with two individuals who have been deeply involved in the peace process there.


Rodrigo Uprimny, Professor Emeritus, National University of Colombia; Lawyer, The Center for Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia), Bogotá

Anne Heidi Kvalsøren, Special Representative for the Peace Process in Colombia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo

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