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Climate: We are building resilience in Africa

Our work on climate helped create a powerful network of young African leaders taking the continent’s climate concerns to international platforms.

The Resilient 40 group waving
The #Resilient40 meeting in Ethiopia, January 2020

The #Resilient40 is an African youth network made up of almost 70 young leaders from 29 African countries. They met for the first time at a Wilton Park event in March 2019 and we have been supporting their meetings ever since.  

“Africa needs to be at the forefront in finding solutions that are going to be able to implemented in Africa and that’s why the voices of young African men and women – who are our future leaders – should be heard at every other platform globally.”


The #Resilient40 are:

  • Passionately committed to working with communities on climate.
  • Making their voices heard across Africa and globally.
  • Building momentum to face the threat of climate change and improving climate resilience across Africa.  


“I want to extend my gratitude to Wilton Park for taking us under your wings and supporting us. I don’t suppose as of now any one of us fully grasp what the magnitude of bringing us together means and the positive impact we can attain together. 


The network is an important legacy for Wilton Park. 

We are committed to bringing fresh thinking to the development of international policy and creating trusted global networks.

We continue to work with the #Resilient40 and provide support to their meetings, such as “Climate change in Africa: opportunities & challenges” in May 2020, where we ran one of the sessions.

Read more about the Resilient40 events here

The #Resilient40 has taken on a life of its own. Its members continue to engage and work on exciting projects, adding their voices to international climate stages and local initiatives, which are shared on their social media:

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