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100 years of chemical weapons and the future of the OPCW (WP1408)

2 Oct 2015
Held in association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first use of chemical weapons during the First World War, and also to mark 18 years of the Chemical Weapon Convention, this seminar assessed …

British German Forum 2015
Strengthening our resilience in a world of shocks and crises (WP1413)

29 Sep 2015
Wilton Park’s British German Forum celebrated its 30th anniversary this July and this year’s discussions focused on preparing for an uncertain global future. We brought together 50 influential young Britons and Germans working in business, finance, government, politics, media, academia and …

New frontiers for evaluation in an era of market-oriented development (WP1411)

2 Sep 2015
In partnership with The Centre for Development Impact (a joint initiative of the Institute of Development Studies, Itad Ltd and the University of East Anglia) As part of the International Year of Evaluation 2015 this meeting provided an opportunity to …

Global Consular Forum 2015 (WP1381)

1 Sep 2015
The Global Consular Forum (GCF) is an informal, grouping of countries, from all regions of the world fostering international dialogue and cooperation on the common challenges and opportunities that all countries face today in delivery of consular services. It presently counts some …

Sport for development: a catalyst for change (WP1227)

28 Aug 2015
In collaboration with Barclays and International Inspiration, this event convened an international cross section of stakeholders from government, civil society, private sector and the sport community to share lessons and work towards practical recommendations going forward in sport for development. …

Rethinking deterrence and assurance (WP1401)

19 Aug 2015
The meeting assessed: How NATO partners view the new threats after Ukraine and is the Alliance suited to meet them? The likely trajectory of Russian force posture and conventional/nuclear strategy, and the balance between long-running trends and post-Ukraine ones; The …

Niger Delta Development Forum: delivering sustainable and equitable socioeconomic improvement through industrial diversification (WP1402)

17 Aug 2015
This roundtable built upon the work of the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative and its public, private and civil society partners as they collaborate to promote equitable economic growth in the Niger Delta. What influence will the newly elected Nigerian government …

(Re)Building health systems in West Africa: what role for ICT and mobile technologies? (WP1409)

21 Jul 2015
The Ebola pandemic has exposed the state of health services and systems in West Africa and the devastating impact these have for the health of populations. This event provided a space for debate, sharing and developing solutions collaboratively. As the …

Caribbean 2030: new thinking for a new generation (WP1404)

7 Jul 2015
In association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, JN Foundation, Caribbean Policy Research Institute (CaPRI) and the Caribbean Council How do the new and next generation of leaders in the Caribbean see the future? What is their vision for 2030 …

African infrastructure projects: driving momentum, delivering jobs and improving livelihoods (WP1329)

24 Jun 2015
This conference brought together a broad spectrum of stakeholders in order to share perspectives and experiences of how best to support infrastructure projects, as well as the regulatory and administrative barriers on the African continent. Executive summary The international community …

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