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Publication date:20 Jul 2020

Operating in space: current multilateral policy issues and challenges (GRULAC region) (WP1794)

The event report can now be downloaded: PDF REPORT As technology continues to advance and costs fall,…

Publication date:6 Jul 2020

Operating in space: current multilateral policy issues and challenges (Africa) (WP1795)

As technology continues to advance and costs fall, the use of space is growing more widespread internationally, both within government and the commercial sectors.

Publication date:3 Jul 2020

Caribbean 2030 Leaders Network (C2LN-5): Addressing the new ‘normal’ post COVID (WP1806)

The Caribbean 2030 Leaders Network (C2LN) is a diverse and forward-thinking group which encourages innovative thinking for the whole Caribbean region. The network is a…

Publication date:30 Jun 2020

Responding to Covid-19: what are the main challenges for the Leave No One Behind agenda and how can the policy response be shaped to address these? (WP1797)

The pledge to Leave No One Behind is central to Agenda 2030, a promise made by the 193 countries that adopted the General Assembly resolution…

Publication date:26 Feb 2020

Fostering social cohesion in Nigeria (WP1752)

Nigeria is facing multiple and complex security challenges including Islamist violence in the North East, worsening violent criminality and insecurity in the North West…

Publication date:24 Feb 2020

In support of Africa’s Agenda 2063: pathways for expanding peaceful uses of nuclear energy and nuclear technology in Africa (WP1763)

This¬†conference and workshop will be convened between…

Publication date:10 Feb 2020

Healthy societies, healthy populations (WP1734)

Whilst people in many countries are living longer, they are not necessarily living healthier lives. Changes in societies have contributed to improved health but have…

Publication date:27 Jan 2020

Higher Education: global engagement to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (WP1755)

This Wilton Park and Association of Commonwealth Universities dialogue would explore the ways in which the higher education sector can actively engage with and be…

Publication date:15 Jan 2020

Human Rights, Peace and Security (WP1725)

Summary This Wilton Park roundtable provides an opportunity to explore the nexus between human rights, and peace and security – two critical pillars of the…

Publication date:15 Jan 2020

The #Resilient40: responding to climate change in Africa (WP1749)

In March 2019 40 young African change makers from 11 countries across the continent came together in South Africa with their counterparts from the United…