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Publication date:5 Jun 2006

Reducing poverty: the roles of parliaments, government and non-state actors [WP817]

This conference discussed the following points: How can developing world Parliamentarians, governments and non-state actors best reduce poverty? How do PRSPs link economic growth and…

Publication date:2 May 2006

Challenging stereotypes in Europe and the Islamic World [WPS06/27]

This conference discussed the following points: What can Muslim and non-Muslim organisations do to overcome negative stereotypes? What are good practices for reducing prejudice? Have…

Publication date:20 Jan 2006

How to advance the human rights agenda? [WP805]

This conference discussed the following points: In the light of proposals to reform the UN’s human rights machinery, what are the next steps needed? How…

Publication date:10 Oct 2005

Business and human rights: advancing the agenda (WPS05/33)

In April 2005, the UN Commission on Human Rights requested the UN Secretary-General to appoint a Special Representative to take forward work on the area…