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Publication date:23 Jan 2019

Addressing illicit trafficking and access to firearms in the context of organised crime and terrorism – towards a new paradigm (WP1671)

The illicit trafficking in firearms, their parts and components and ammunition represents a serious threat to peace and security, and an obstacle to the achievement…

Publication date:10 Dec 2018

The nuclear non-proliferation regime towards the 2020 NPT Review Conference (WP1633)

The 23rd Wilton Park nuclear non-proliferation conference assessed the challenges and opportunities for NPT diplomacy and processes but also the wider global regime. What are…

Publication date:7 Nov 2018

Powerful actor, high impact bio-threats (WP1625)

The purpose of this meeting was to create new ideas among an international group of senior policy leaders, scientific and technical experts and non-governmental experts…

Publication date:8 Oct 2018

Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Summit (WP1621)

Cyber security is now second only to political risk as one of the key challenges facing the UK financial sector. Cyber-crime has become a big…

Publication date:5 Sep 2018

Military operations in cyberspace (WP1635)

Following an opening session in which two speakers (one non-military, one military) addressed the question ‘Is cyberspace a battlespace?’, this event worked through the various…

Publication date:20 Jun 2018

Adapting deterrence strategies to a changing security environment (WP1610)

The meeting discussed: How are the US and its allies adapting their deterrence strategies to the evolving security environment? Are they converging or diverging? Is…

Publication date:16 May 2018

A mine-free world: challenges and opportunities in realising the 2025 aspiration (WP1616)

The specific focus of our dialogue was how to get better engagement and coordination between donor states and operating agencies, both humanitarian and commercial. We…

Publication date:24 Jan 2018

Verification in multilateral nuclear disarmament: preparing for the UN Group of Governmental Experts (WP1595)

Bringing together newly announced members of the UN GGE, this meeting: Drew on practical past experience of similar issues, identifying transferable lessons. Set out intentions…

Publication date:11 Dec 2017

Nuclear non-proliferation: challenges and opportunities for the global regime (WP1561)

This annual dialogue, a fixture in our calendar since 1996, assessed challenges, opportunities and prospects for the global nuclear non-proliferation regime. How is the political…

Publication date:30 Oct 2017

Protecting civilians in conflict: working with partner militaries (WP1580)

Over the past decade some militaries have strengthened their commitments to protect civilians in conflict zones and to avoid civilian casualties from their own operations.