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Publication date:9 Dec 2020

LDC Thimphu Ambition Summit: momentum for a 1.5 degree world (WP1868V)

The earth faces an existential need for faster, deeper reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. We need to help build countries’ capacity to adapt to climate impacts,…

Publication date:13 Oct 2020

Diplomatic pathways for an economic paradigm shift post-COVID (WP1845V)

A series of discussions exploring how the global community can build a greener, healthier and more resilient global economy post-COVID, bringing the climate change and…

Publication date:7 Sep 2020

BRI investment in the energy sector: framing sustainable policy solutions for the post-COVID world (WP1744)

Event reports 1. Event report 2. Interim report This virtual Wilton Park meeting…

Publication date:2 Jun 2020

From COVID-19 to climate change: transformational evaluations for global crises (WP1783)

In this time of deep international uncertainty around the consequences of COVID-19, it is essential to grab the golden opportunity to inspire systems change and…

Publication date:4 Dec 2019

The climate emergency: sharing perspectives to facilitate global climate action (WP1745)

How prepared are you for the ongoing climatic changes? What are you doing about climate change at a personal, collective and institutional level…

Publication date:21 Nov 2019

Enhancing effective development cooperation between the UK, Brazil and African partners (WP1640)

Context: The UK and Brazil signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for a Global Development Partnership in 2011, representing a unique combination of different…

Publication date:22 Jul 2019

Scaling up sport’s contribution to the SDGs: partnerships for impact (WP1707)

Sport has a unique ability to unify and inspire diverse audiences across the globe. With its universal appeal and cultural value, sport has the potential…

Publication date:13 Mar 2019

Transboundary climate risks (WP1670)

Policy responses to the risks posed by climate change are formulated largely at the national level, despite the transnational nature of many ecosystems and communities.

Publication date:6 Mar 2019

Building a stronger HIV prevention movement in Asia (WP1663)

Currently, it is estimated that approximately 5.2 million people are living with HIV in Asia, the second highest number of any region in the world.