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Publication date:24 Jan 2018

Verification in multilateral nuclear disarmament: preparing for the UN Group of Governmental Experts (WP1595)

Bringing together newly announced members of the UN GGE, this meeting: Drew on practical past experience of similar issues, identifying transferable lessons. Set out intentions…

Publication date:11 Dec 2017

Nuclear non-proliferation: challenges and opportunities for the global regime (WP1561)

This annual dialogue, a fixture in our calendar since 1996, assessed challenges, opportunities and prospects for the global nuclear non-proliferation regime. How is the political…

Publication date:30 Oct 2017

Protecting civilians in conflict: working with partner militaries (WP1580)

Over the past decade some militaries have strengthened their commitments to protect civilians in conflict zones and to avoid civilian casualties from their own operations.

Publication date:27 Sep 2017

Responding to deliberate biological release: the requirements for effective, coordinated international action (WP1556)

This meeting identified how governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental entities can prepare and effectively implement collaborative action in the event of the use of biological weapons,…

Publication date:25 Sep 2017

The future of European militaries (WP1559)

“There is nothing new in the story. It is as old as the Sibylline Books. It falls into that long, dismal catalogue of the fruitlessness…

Publication date:26 Jun 2017

Nuclear security architecture: identifying emerging challenges and opportunities (WP1554)

This meeting assessed ways that emerging threats to, and opportunities for, nuclear security can be identified; how effectively the nuclear security architecture is able to…

Publication date:14 Jun 2017

Rethinking deterrence and assurance. Western deterrence strategies: at an inflection point? (WP1545)

This meeting asked: Are changes in the global security environment of a sufficiently fundamental kind to alter core premises of Western deterrence strategies? What implications…

Publication date:22 May 2017

Clearance of improvised explosive devices in the Middle East (WP1548)

The increasing use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in a growing number of contexts has led to the issue featuring more and more prominently on…

Publication date:13 Mar 2017

Governing space activity in the 21st century (WP1526)

This event brought together representatives of government, industry, and the scientific community from developed and developing nations to assess the prospects for improving the governance…

Publication date:1 Mar 2017

The future of a liberal international order: trends and challenges towards 2030 (WP1534)

We mark the 10th year of our International Futures series at a time of global uncertainty and upheaval, with the potential to significantly undermine the…