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Publication date:16 Dec 2012

Towards prosperity: implications and opportunities of the 18th Congress of the Communist Party of China [WP1196]

This meeting, run in partnership between Wilton Park and the Central Party School of China, discussed China’s Priorities after the 18th Party Congress, that will confirm China’s leadership for the next decade.

Publication date:12 Dec 2012

Disaster risk reduction in Asia: identifying and maximising opportunities for action [WP1125]

Replicating our successful roundtable dialogue in flood stricken Bangkok, we asked the questions below. How should Asia develop its approaches for reducing the risk from…

Publication date:3 Dec 2012

Combating intolerance and promoting freedom of religion or belief for all: working on UN Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18 [WP1187]

There is increased awareness that across the globe individuals are unable to exercise their right to the freedom of religion or belief and are discriminated against or persecuted because of their religion or belief.

Publication date:24 Oct 2012

Economic recovery and Europe 2020: towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth [WP1207]

The conference moved the debate forward on Europe’s economic prospects and examined progress on implementing the Europe 2020 strategy for “smart, sustainable and inclusive growth” in the context of political changes and the continuing impact of the financial crisis.

Publication date:1 Oct 2012

NATO partnerships in a shifting strategic landscape [WP1192]

NATO is seeking to use its partnership initiatives on behalf of a range of objectives that support cooperative security, one of the three core missions set out in its 2010 Strategic Concept.

Publication date:11 Sep 2012

Indonesia’s economic development: contributing to a sustainable growth pattern [WP1152]

The Government of Indonesia is moving towards a more sustainable growth pattern. It is committed to ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions by 2020 by a minimum of 26% and up to 41%. The successful implementation of this plan is key to future economic development, and will enhance Indonesia’s global standing and influence.

Publication date:15 Jul 2012

British German Forum
Europe’s place in a challenging world [WP1155]

The 27th British German Forum considered how Europe can retain influence in a rapidly changing, and challenging, world, shaped by the rise of ‘emerging powers,’ economic crises and political uncertainties.

Publication date:11 Jul 2012

The economy of the Maghreb: a motor for regional prosperity and integration [WP1107]

In association with British Embassies in the Maghreb; Foreign and Commonwealth Office with support from Shell and Unilever   This conference addressed ways of developing…

Publication date:11 Jun 2012

Delivering a well-managed and effective UN: building international consensus [WP1184]

Following publication of the UN Secretary General's Five-Year Action Agenda, in which Ban Ki Moon identified the need for a stronger UN, this conference sought to build on international momentum for management change and innovation, identifying concrete ways to strengthen the UN's effectiveness and efficiency.

Publication date:21 May 2012

Impact and challenges for the Middle East and North Africa one year on from the Arab transitions [WP1166]

After the tumultuous developments in the Middle East and North Africa during 2011, the conference provided the opportunity to take stock of what has happened, and why; examine what has been achieved; and explore what more needs to be done. It aimed to help participants to reach a better understanding of developments across the Middle East and North Africa, their inter-linkages and their implications for policy formulation and practice.