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Publication date:13 Mar 2015

Antimicrobial resistance in humans and animals in low and middle income countries (WP1399)

This meeting provided an opportunity for those responsible for human and animal health, primarily from countries in low and middle economic settings, to strengthen knowledge…

Publication date:25 Feb 2015

Beyond aid: innovative governance, financing and partnerships for the post-2015 agenda (WP1364)

InĀ association with DFID, we gave participants an open forum to explore new ways of working on three discrete areas of the post-2015 agenda: beyond-aid partnerships,…

Publication date:29 Oct 2014

Women-led businesses: building a strong and sustainable economy (WP1362)

Female participation in the economy is a critical yet undervalued resource. As entrepreneurship is a key driver of growth, encouraging women into developing and leading…

Publication date:13 Jul 2014

British German Forum 2014
A smarter Europe: cooperation, competition and innovation in the 2020s (WP1320)

The BGF has been an annual event since it was established by Chancellor Kohl and Margaret Thatcher in 1985. Organised by Wilton Park, the event…

Publication date:9 Jul 2014

Emerging space economies: next steps towards prosperity (WP1346)

With support from the Secure World Foundation. One of the only industries to have emerged from the financial crisis unscathed, the space industry is…

Publication date:23 Jun 2014

Higher education and development: tackling 21st century challenges (WP1331)

In partnership with the Department for International Development (DFID) and with support from Pearson. The key objective of this forum was to develop a clear…

Publication date:28 Apr 2014

Increasing the effectiveness of multi-stakeholder initiatives through active collaboration (WP1314)

The meeting was jointly organised by four organisations with longstanding experiences in facilitating and MSIs and convening action-oriented conferences – Wilton Park, the World Bank,…

Publication date:17 Feb 2014

Transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP): creating regulatory coherence (WP1307)

This TTIP meeting focused on how to achieve the two main goals of regulatory coherence: cooperation on future regulations and making existing regulations more compatible,…

Publication date:13 Jan 2014

The future of power: implications for global actors by 2040 (WP1294)

The 7th annual Wilton Park Futures meeting, in association with Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Ministry of Defence, National Intelligence Council, considered what power means in…

Publication date:24 Oct 2013

Trade facilitation for African economies (WP1259)

This high level meeting considered whether a multilateral agreement on trade facilitation at the WTO Ministerial in Bali could provide African nations and the global…