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Publication date:23 Nov 2014

Disaster prevention, preparedness and response in Southeast Asia: maximising a gender-inclusive approach (WP1371)

Through a highly participative program participants explored the unique indigenous and local knowledge and skills of women and men in preventing and responding to disasters…

Publication date:17 Nov 2014

Privacy, security and surveillance: tackling international dilemmas and dangers in the digital realm (WP1361)

In partnership with the Institute for Human Rights and Business, and with support from Ericsson and the Government of Sweden. This roundtable meeting discussed ways…

Publication date:1 Sep 2014

Promoting the human rights of LGBT persons: next steps for international institutions and civil society? (WP1312)

As part of our human rights series, this conference brought together multilateral institutions, national governments and advocacy groups to consider how to promote the rights of…

Publication date:23 Jun 2014

The Big Bang and the interfaces of knowledge: towards a common understanding of Truth? (WP1316)

This conference proposed to continue a dialogue between science and religion by focusing on the nature and understanding of truth. This was a key theme…

Publication date:24 Mar 2014

Women in the private sector in the Middle East and North Africa (WP1321)

In partnership with the Swedish Institute in Alexandria and Casa Árabe in Cordoba, this conference identified the opportunities and constraints in women’s economic involvement and…

Publication date:5 Feb 2014

Religion, foreign policy and development: making better policy to make a bigger difference (WP1311)

In association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. This conference drew academics, policy makers, diplomats/international practitioners and religious actors into dialogue about the best interface…

Publication date:3 Feb 2014

Soft power in action (WP1300)

As soft power becomes increasingly the core of 21st century diplomacy, the 7th Wilton Park roundtable meeting in the public diplomacy series considered how nations…

Publication date:23 Jan 2014

Addressing implementation gaps:
improving cooperation between global and regional human rights mechanisms (WP1291)

The 10th in a series of annual human rights conferences sponsored by the Norwegian and Swiss Governments, this conference drew on experience and good human…

Publication date:20 Oct 2013

Advancing humanitarian action: engaging with rising global actors to develop new strategic dialogue and partnerships (WP1269)

Humanitarian action is needed now more than ever. The growing number of vulnerable people, the rise in disasters, and the failure to address many fragile…

Publication date:9 Oct 2013

Media and fragile states (WP1278)

Access to independent media and information has a critical role in efforts to promote accountable government and foster political cohesion in fragile states and countries…