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Publication date:7 Nov 2018

Powerful actor, high impact bio-threats (WP1625)

The purpose of this meeting was to create new ideas among an international group of senior policy leaders, scientific and technical experts and non-governmental experts…

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Publication date:24 Oct 2018

Global Compact for Migration: from political to practical (WP1634)

Migration is one of the defining features of the 21st century. Human mobility is a reality: people have always moved and will continue to do…

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Publication date:8 Oct 2018

Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Summit (WP1621)

Cyber security is now second only to political risk as one of the key challenges facing the UK financial sector. Cyber-crime has become a big…

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Publication date:10 Sep 2018

Reimagining global health: self-care interventions and implications for healthcare (WP1639)

Self-care health interventions are increasingly being accessed outside the traditional health sector space, providing choice and opportunities for people to control aspects of their health…

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Publication date:5 Sep 2018

Military operations in cyberspace (WP1635)

Following an opening session in which two speakers (one non-military, one military) addressed the question ‘Is cyberspace a battlespace?’, this event worked through the various…

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Publication date:18 Jul 2018

Financing South East Asia’s energy transition (WP1612)

The 2015 Paris Climate Agreement created a global imperative to reduce emissions and deliver clean growth. South East Asia is on the cusp of transformational…

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Publication date:11 Jul 2018

Boosting youth employment in Sub-Saharan Africa: creating opportunities and building skills (WP1609)

In a climate of concern around global economic growth and productivity, global youth unemployment is again on the rise, with young people in emerging economies…

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Publication date:8 Jul 2018

British German Forum 2018: the future of power, influence and networks (WP1617)

What’s on the agenda? The aim of the Forum throughout its 33 year history has been to strengthen the bonds between the UK and Germany and…

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Publication date:4 Jul 2018

Diplomacy to mobilise momentum for girls’ education (WP1628)

This roundtable, in partnership with the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD) at SOAS University of London and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office…

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Publication date:2 Jul 2018

Addressing the needs of adolescent girls in humanitarian settings (WP1627)

This meeting addressed the specific needs of adolescent girls in humanitarian settings. It brought together a cross section of various communities, including humanitarian, family planning,…

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