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Publication date:6 Dec 2017

Future of philanthropy: what role can philanthropists and foundations play in delivering on the global goals for sustainable development? (WP1588)

In the past decade the international community has faced crises ranging from financial, medical, natural disasters, conflict, and humanitarian, with the current climate being no…

Publication date:4 Dec 2017

Women in mediation: promoting participation (WP1570)

 “In failing to include women and girls in peacemaking and peacebuilding processes, we are not only failing women and girls. We…

Publication date:29 Nov 2017

Taking forward the women’s economic empowerment agenda (WP1573)

Following on from our three previous meetings on promoting women’s economic empowerment, this next event in the series focused on concrete actions for empowering women…

Publication date:27 Nov 2017

Tax capacity building for tomorrow: digital and analogue approaches (WP1566)

Policymakers at national and international levels have become increasingly focused on strengthening tax systems as a key means by which to achieve the Sustainable Development…

Publication date:13 Nov 2017

Wilton Park Youth Dialogues: powering the future. Organising for change: how can higher education meet the changing needs of employment? (WP1558)

This was the third event in the Wilton Park Youth Dialogues: powering the future. The current unique demographic shift towards a high youth population…

Publication date:9 Nov 2017

Britain’s place in the world: a force for good? (WP1597)

This 24 hour meeting provided an opportunity for a small expert group of decision makers, influencers and opinion formers to discuss prospects for Britain’s role…

Publication date:30 Oct 2017

Protecting civilians in conflict: working with partner militaries (WP1580)

Over the past decade some militaries have strengthened their commitments to protect civilians in conflict zones and to avoid civilian casualties from their own operations.

Publication date:25 Oct 2017

The importance of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) to reach HIV fast-track goals and Universal Health Coverage for women and girls (WP1572)

The June 2016 Political Declaration on HIV and AIDS announced targets to fast-track the end of the AIDS epidemic by 2030. This may consequently lead…

Publication date:16 Oct 2017

Wilton Park Youth Dialogues: powering the future. Youth as peacemakers (WP1557)

This was the second event in the Wilton Park Youth Dialogues: powering the future and takes place in partnership with the British Council, the…

Publication date:16 Oct 2017

Digital health in Africa: leadership and coordination (WP1571)

  This meeting was the first in a series of Wilton Park dialogues focusing on the opportunities for innovation and technology to improve…