Angela Merkel’s London visit – Wilton Park’s contribution to UK-German relations

News - 4 March, 2014

On 27 February 2014, Angela Merkel became the latest foreign dignitary to address the British Parliament. Amid fears across Germany that Britain may soon leave the EU, Merkel’s speech featured the benefits of the UK remaining in the EU and her intentions on keeping it strong for the future, “United and determined we can defend […]

Celebration of 25th anniversary of British German Forum

News - 27 September, 2010

A panel discussion and reception at Guildhall hosted by Wilton Park and the City of London Corporation took place on 23 September to mark the 25th anniversary of British German Forum. Established by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Chancellor Helmut Kohl in 1985, the British-German Forum has annually brought together at Wilton Park around 50 […]

Celebrating the 25th British German Forum

News - 6 July, 2010

Established by Chancellor Kohl and Margaret Thatcher in 1985 the Forum brings together each year a group of up to 50 “high fliers” from Germany and Britain aged 25-35. The first group met in 1986. Since then almost 1000 people have participated….. British German Forum 12-16 July 2010 (WP1040) Established by Chancellor Kohl and Margaret […]