Between incremental change and big vision

News - 18 May, 2012

Roger Williamson, Visiting Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, writes: Day three of the ‘New challenges, new partners, a new UN development system?’ conference, was a day of taking stock and preliminary conclusions. Some of the off-the-record conversations remind me of the old Soviet joke about work culture and the implicit contract in […]

World Malaria Day

News - 25 April, 2012

Today is World Malaria Day. Instituted by the World Health Assembly at its 60th session in May 2007, it is a day for recognising the global effort to provide effective control of malaria. Malaria – integration of new tools for zero deaths and elimination Monday 20 – Wednesday 22 February 2012 (WP1141) It is estimated […]

Georgian Foreign Minister opens ‘Security in the South Caucasus’

News - 22 March, 2012

Wilton Park’s conference on Security in the South Caucasus, was this week opened by Georgian Foreign Minister, Grigol Vashadze in Tbilisi. Security in the South Caucasus 20-22 March 2012 (WP1171) Supported by the FCO in partnership with the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr Vashadze said “Today, we have a chance to win the peace […]

President Abdullah Gül of Turkey delivers our inaugural Annual Address

News - 23 November, 2011

HE Mr Abdullah Gül, President of the Republic of Turkey, today delivered our inaugural Annual Address, entitled ‘Historic transition in the Middle East and its impact on global politics’ at the Royal Society in London. With fragile democratic transitions under way across the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey’s political and economic development is seen […]

Responsibility to protect – carrying the burden?

News - 22 March, 2011

  Richard Burge, Chief Executive, writes: The overarching role of any government is to protect its citizens.  But when they fail to do that, what rights or more importantly, what responsibilities and duties do other nations have to step in?  Responsibility has powerful consequences.  If responsibility is not exercised, if its burden is not taken […]

The crisis of growth – opportunities for sustainable development?

News - 24 February, 2011

Our seventh British-German environment forum will examine how Britain and Germany are best set to respond to the recession without compromising their longer-term sustainability goals.   7th British-German environment forum: the crisis of growth: threat or opportunity for sustainable development? Thursday 24 – Saturday 26 February 2011 (WP1069) The British-German Environment Forum launched in 1998. […]

Wilton Park fulfils vital role supporting effective UN Development agencies

News - 25 November, 2010

Acclaimed BBC World Service programme on the environment and development issues ‘One Planet’, sent presenter Richard Hollingham along to visit Wilton Park for their 50 million listeners, this episode airs on 25 November. Future of the UN development system Thursday 18 – Sunday 21 November 2010 (WP1033) Over 60 experts drawn from 22 nations attended […]

UK Minister, Henry Bellingham, to Open Future of UN Development Conference

News - 16 November, 2010

The United Nations Charter came into force on October 24, 1945 and this date is celebrated around the world as UN Day to recognise its achievements and goals. Wilton Park continues to contribute to international thinking about their role. Future of the UN Development System Thursday 18 – Sunday 21 November 2010 (WP1033) Henry Bellingham, […]

Lord Howell delivers keynote speech at the Wilton Park Japan conference

News - 10 November, 2010

Lord Howell, Minister of State at the FCO, has a longstanding interest in Japan.  His recent conference speech affirmed the strength of our bilateral relations and looked forward to further progress and cooperation in the future. Japan: increasing its global role? Monday 1 – Thursday 4 November 2010 (WP1063) Podcast  Politicians, senior officials and policy […]

World Food Day: what is it for?

News - 16 October, 2010

World Food Day started in 1979 with the Conference of Food and Agriculture Organization. By 1980, the General Assembly announced that “food is a requisite for human survival and wellbeing and a fundamental human necessity.”   Global Food, Agriculture, Land Use: The International Policy Challenges Mon 4 April – Weds 6 April 2011 (WP1004) Today, […]