The contribution and challenges of migrants

News - 18 December, 2015

Today, the world recognises International Migrants Day, celebrating the diversity, culture and economic gains that migrants bring to countries as they pursue better lives for themselves and their families. It also marks an opportunity to reflect on the challenges that migration can bring to a country, and to renew efforts to meet those challenges as […]

Breaking the corruption chain

News - 9 December, 2015

International Anti-Corruption Day It is the opponent of the 2013 Lough Erne legacy, the buzzword of international footballing scandals, and a plague to the successful functioning of society worldwide: corruption. The concept itself is notoriously difficult to define; there does not seem to be any one example of corruption, but there are certainly a variety […]

New ways of investing in development

News - 28 July, 2015

As part of the International Year of Evaluation, Wilton Park partnered with the Centre for Development Impact (CDI) to discuss the evaluation of of new market-oriented investments New frontiers for evaluation in an era of market-oriented development Monday 20 – Wednesday July 2015 | WP1411 We are proud to have hosted an event as part […]

Niger Delta Development Forum: regional challenges and opportunities

News - 30 June, 2015

Considering the complex security and economic challenges facing the people of the Niger Delta and identifying new opportunities for regional and international collaboration Niger Delta Development Forum: delivering sustainable and equitable socioeconomic improvement through industrial diversification Tuesday 23 June 2015 | WP1402 Building on the work of the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative (NDPI), this Wilton […]

Young people are our future: celebrating world population day

News - 11 July, 2014

On World Population Day, we talk about investing in young people. Today is the UN Population Fund’s World Population Day. Founded on 11th July 1987 to mark the birth of five billionth persontThe theme for World Population Day 2014 is ‘investing in youth’. Young people truly are the world’s future. According to the UNFPA, there […]

Higher education and development: radical reform, exciting innovation

News - 30 June, 2014

At our conference on Higher education and development last week it was recognised that the status quo wasn’t sufficient to satisfy the huge demand for higher education across the developing world. Higher education and development: tackling 21st century challenges Monday 23 – Wednesday 25 June 2014 (WP1331) Held in partnership with DFID and with support […]