Global food security: recommendations to the G20

News - 26 May, 2011

One of our recent conference highlighted a number of recommendations for the forthcoming G20 meeting to address volatility in food and commodity prices. Global food and agriculture: policy options in response to increased volatility Monday 11 –Wednesday 13 April 2011 (WP1081) Key conclusions and recommendations from the Wilton Park discussions included: Policy recommendations to the […]

Food price volatility: international policy responses

News - 11 April, 2011

Volatility in food prices has returned to the headlines and remains a key challenge facing the global food system. It will also be a major theme at the G20 meeting in May 2011.   Global food and agriculture: policy options in response to increased volatility Monday 11 – Wednesday 13 April 2011 (WP1081) The first […]

Nominations now open for British German forum ‘leaders of the future’ (aged 25-35 years)

News - 17 March, 2011

This annual conference looks at how Britain and Germany deliver on their promises in an uncertain world, exploring the current and future drivers of global and regional change.   British Germanforum 2011: delivering a secure and prosperous future in a fast changing world Monday 11 – Friday 15 July 2011 (WP1095) The 2011 British German […]

World Food Day: what is it for?

News - 16 October, 2010

World Food Day started in 1979 with the Conference of Food and Agriculture Organization. By 1980, the General Assembly announced that “food is a requisite for human survival and wellbeing and a fundamental human necessity.”   Global Food, Agriculture, Land Use: The International Policy Challenges Mon 4 April – Weds 6 April 2011 (WP1004) Today, […]

Jamie Shea on NATO in Afghanistan – video clip – 8th Atlantic Youth Forum

News - 12 August, 2010

Discussions included prospects for a nuclear free world, the future for Afghanistan, priorities for the Obama administration, sport as an agent for social change, the power of networks, food and water security and social innovation. Atlantic Youth Forum Monday 2 to Friday 6 August 2010 (WP1043)   34 bright independent thinkers from a range of […]