NATO and Russia: what next? (WP1470)

News - 13 May, 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech at the 2007 Munich Security Conference marked an aggressive change in posture for the Russian Federation.

NATO and Russia: managing the relationship

News - 16 October, 2015

In light of the sustained damage that has been done to NATO-Russia relations by Russian military aggression, discussion is sorely needed on the way forward for the relationship. NATO and Russia: managing the relationship Wednesday 21 – Friday 23 October 2015 | WP1437 In annexing Crimea and intervening militarily in Eastern Ukraine, Russia fundamentally altered […]

Prospects for the nuclear non-proliferation regime

News - 26 September, 2015

Today we celebrate the United Nation’s International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, which is recognised annually on the 26th September. Wilton Park will once again, in December, bring together an array of nuclear experts to discuss what is both feasible and necessary for the nuclear regime over the next five years towards […]

International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons

News - 26 September, 2014

Today is the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. Achieving global nuclear disarmament is one of the oldest goals of the United Nations.  It was the subject of the General Assembly’s first resolution in 1946. It has been on the General Assembly’s agenda along with general and complete disarmament ever since 1959.  It has […]

NATO Summit 2014

News - 3 September, 2014

On Thursday 4th and Friday 5th September, the UK will be hosting the NATO Summit in Wales. NATO Summits take place on a biennial basis, with the last one held in Chicago in 2012. It is the first NATO Summit in the United Kingdom since it was hosted in London in 1990. This summit is […]

NATO’s 65th anniversary

News - 4 April, 2014

2014 is a year which marks many historic anniversaries such as the centenary of the First World War, twenty five years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and today NATO’s 65th anniversary of its foundation. On 4 April 1949 the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was created by the United States, Canada and several […]

Rethinking professional military education

News - 10 April, 2013

Vice Chief of Defence Staff (Designate) Air Chief Marshal Stuart Peach confirmed as keynote dinner speaker. Connected forces, educated minds: transformation and professional military education Monday 13 – Wednesday 15 May 2013 (WP1225) The conference will form part of a new offensive in professional military education, with the Wilton Park findings to be discussed at […]

Highlights from 2012

News - 19 December, 2012

Over the past 12 months, we have held events in a number of overseas locations as well as here at Wiston House in Sussex. In this summary, we look back at some of those discussions.  The 2012 programme has been extremely busy facilitating over 50 conferences and meetings. Most of these have been held at […]

NATO Chicago Summit: roundtable maps out important new proposals for May 2012

News - 19 September, 2011

US and European officials and experts come to Wilton Park to assess lessons of NATO’s Libya campaign and to examine how to preserve core defence capabilities in the midst of unprecedented financial pressures. Re-engineering the transatlantic security and defence relationship Monday 12 – Wednesday 14 September 2011  (WP1129) The senior officials and experts participating in this […]

NATO’s Chicago Summit: shaping the agenda

News - 3 August, 2011

Transatlantic security and defence roundtable discussion to provide first opportunity for unofficial, off-the-record discussion to help set the agenda for NATO Chicago Summit in May 2012   Re-engineering the transatlantic security and defence relationship Monday 12 – Wednesday 14 September 2011 (WP1129) Launched following discussions with senior US DoD officials, this meeting will examine the […]