Wilton Park World Radio is launched

News - 22 November, 2013

Today sees the launch of Wilton Park World Radio on which we will broadcast a selection of our podcasts covering a range of issues and interviews with key opinion formers from the worlds of politics, diplomacy, academia, business, civil society, the military and media. Wilton Park World Radio will be streaming 24 hours a day […]

Key areas of reform for Europe identified

News - 3 July, 2013

This second instalment of the Jubilee Dialogue series considered the diverse political, economic and diplomatic challenges Europe faces in defining its place in the world in the near future. Jubilee dialogues: Europe and the world in 2023 Wednesday 26 June 2013 (WP1264) In this second instalment of the Jubilee Dialogue series, David Lidington, Minister of […]

Nobel Peace Prize 2011: our work with Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee

News - 11 October, 2011

  You will no doubt already know that three great individuals shared this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. The award was in recognition of their ‘non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women’s rights to full participation in peace-building work’. Wilton Park’s own work to engender open dialogue on the important and urgent matters […]

The quiet fights

News - 16 September, 2011

This week we celebrated the International Day of Democracy. It is a day which cannot be ignored or forgotten, not least because of the current international climate and recent events such as the Arab Spring, and not forgetting, the quiet fights; every-day battles that go on in the name of democracy – unpublished and unpublicised. […]

Is science going faster than policy?

News - 14 January, 2011

  Richard Burge, Chief Executive, writes: Has the pace of scientific discovery and change overhauled the capacities of the non-proliferation regimes set up to guard us from the perils of biological and toxic weapons?    The past six months have seen participants here at Wilton Park reiterate that concern, one that has featured constantly in […]