Programme theme: Global economy

Sharing innovation to address water challenges in the Levant looked at how to build cross-regional academic relationships, whilst contributing to a wider culture of collaboration on scientific issues in the region.

Building on the theme on partnerships for innovation, Research collaboration to drive innovation: UK and Latin American partnerships drew on case studies of advanced and emerging market economies to highlight the opportunities offered by investment in R&D, innovative business strategies and international partnerships.

Partnerships for prosperity again came to the fore in a Wilton Park dialogue held as part of the UK’s Education is GREAT campaign. Building a skilled workforce in South East Asia: harnessing partnerships for success, brought together over 60 thought leaders from across ASEAN in Kuala Lumpur to focus on the role of education, skills and training in driving prosperity and the opportunities for partnerships with the UK and across the region.

Leading by example: implementing Anti-Corruption Summit commitments on transparency in public procurement, helped government and civil society representatives to develop a better understanding of how to fight corruption through increased transparency in procurement, open contracting and beneficial ownership. Participation was drawn from Afghanistan, Argentina, Colombia, France, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Ukraine and the United Kingdom – contributing to an emerging peer network working internationally on this issue.

We hosted a panel discussion on the technology stage at Wilton Park at New Scientist Live: Opening doors to the world. The panel agreed that science, as a highly collaborative pursuit, must work with diplomacy to foster the cooperation needed to tackle the global challenges we face today.

Caribbean 2030 – new thinking for a new generation III: Caribbean sustainability, green growth and good governance brought together young Caribbean leaders for a third time. This growing network of leaders is now collaborating on a number of regional initiatives.

Participants at Balanced economies, balanced societies: promoting gender parity in politics and business, looked at promoting safe spaces, fostering collaboration and changing the narrative in order to ensure that women can fully participate in politics and business.

Focusing on delivering development for low income countries in Africa, Improving the impact of development projects in Africa through increased UK/Brazil cooperation, looked at how a more collaborative style of providing development assistance to sub-Saharan Africa could ensure more universal achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We advanced our work on the SDGs with a focus on delivering development in fragile or conflict-afflicted states in Investing with impact: how to make finance work in the most challenging of places.

At Creating a consensus based Commonwealth vision for trade negotiations, facilitation and finance, participants looked at how Commonwealth members can work together to help re-establish the WTO as the driving force for global trade liberalisation.