Programme theme: Human rights, good governance and faith

On the theme of good governance, we ran an event on Global Consular Forum 2015, which convened senior consular officials alongside selected experts to discuss ways to enhance international consular policy and practice. We also  held events addressing human rights aspects of citizenship, migration and minority rights: The challenge of integration: what does it mean to be a citizen? brought together a select group of UK based experts to engage with senior Canadian officials on the themes of citizenship, multiculturalism and identity, The migration challenge: tackling root causes provided a neutral space for balanced and informed discussion on the key factors fuelling the migration crisis in Europe and practical ways in which to respond and Protecting the rights of ethnic and religious minorities: addressing contemporary global challenges was the 11th iteration of UN human rights meetings, sponsored by the Swiss and Norwegian Governments, with a particular focus on the rights of ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle East and North Africa. The future of borders: geopolitical trends and challenges to 2030, the ninth annual Futures meeting, convened a broad spectrum of futurists drawn from policy planning, academia, private sector and other industry and subject experts to share insights into trends, challenges and opportunities to inform policy planning and decision making looking ahead to 2050.

Continuing our examination of intersections of religion and development, we ran an event on Religion and Development: making better policy to make a bigger difference in Africa which drew policy makers, diplomats/international practitioners and religious actors into dialogue about the best interface between religion, policy and development in Africa.

In November 2015 we ran an event on Human rights and mega sporting events highlighted concerns over land acquisition, labour rights abuses during venue construction, exploitation of migrant workers, alleged sweatshop and child labour in merchandise production, constraints on the right to protest, clearance of homeless people and street children, and human rights issues on the track and field itself and in December we travelled to Marrakech to run Implementing the Convention against Torture (CAT): sharing best practice and experience in preventing torture in police custody in the Middle East and North Africa.