Programme theme: Multilateral institutions, key countries and regions

Continuing our longest running event series, British German Forum 2017 gave young leaders from the UK and Germany an insightful mix of perspectives. This included a clear focus on Brexit and some of the deeper ways of working into the future on areas including environment, jobs, and an underpinning of the values needed in business, and how to maintain them, as we move towards different global economies growing in the future.

The future of the UK’s bilateral relationships in Europe was organised with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s (FCDO) EU Directorate to create an informal space to look at the longer term picture of the UK’s bilateral relationships in Europe, identifying practical ways in which the UK and European partners can best work together beyond the UK’s withdrawal.

Six countries from the post-conflict region came together at Security, the Western Balkans and the UK: working together to address shared challenges. Commissioned by the FCDO, this meeting achieved the aims of building trust, relationships and an understanding of the shared security challenges, providing plenty of ideas of how to press ahead on key security issues ahead of the July 2018 Western Balkans Summit which the UK will host. The event helped build professional links for those working in the region.

In the 21st century Asian states have become more prominent on many of the issues that are critical to international security and economic development.

Convened in association with the British Embassy Seoul and the Policy Planning Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs South Korea, East Asia and the rules-based international system, saw major security and economic actors in the region exchange views and thinking on the role of the rules-based international system and its contribution to regional stability, security and economic growth.