Programme theme: Multilateral institutions, key countries and regions

We continued to contribute to the FCO ‘International Leaders Programme’ (ILP) by chairing and facilitating introductory sessions. We brought together the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Steering Committee with its newly elected Chair to establish aims and objectives.

Russian language media: promoting plurality, balance and accessibility, aimed to increase collaboration between actors working to promote plurality in Russian language media, and to stimulate greater innovation and strategic coordination in this field.

This year the annual Futures forum assessed the prospects for The future of a liberal international order: trends and challenges towards 2030, identifying the biggest challenge as how to include rising powers and smaller states into the current institutional framework. In a related event, Asia and the rules based international system: perception, challenges and ideas for change featured an exchange of views of participants from key Asian states, with additional contributors from Europe and North America. Various proposals emerged from the Singapore based discussions regarding the potential evolution of rule-making and institutions in Asia.

The US Hub helped facilitate an EU referendum debate on: The future of the UK in Europe in Washington DC which touched on the legal, political and foreign policy factors shaping the referendum debate, and the international economic and financial implications of Britain leaving the EU.