Programme theme: Sustainable development and the environment

Wilton Park convenes discussions on a wide range of sustainable development issues, including focusing on international development policy, economic development in low and middle income countries, disaster prevention and humanitarian responses and global health challenges.

We continued our series on Global Health, with a strong focus on science, medicine and its developmental application. Malaria elimination in Asia Pacific and Southern Africa discussed the feasibility of eliminating malaria in 20 countries by 2020, A new era: redefining the response to HIV in Europe looked more closely at scientific advances in HIV therapeutics and prevention that can be harnessed into policy across Europe and Genomics: using precision medicines to improve global health how can governments respond shared UK expertise in this revolutionary field.

Two health meetings focused on Africa: (Re)building health systems in West Africa explored the role ICT and mobile technologies could play in strengthening the weakest healthcare systems and a follow-up meeting discussed Unlocking the potential of the global community health workforce post-Ebola with the aim of harmonising international approaches towards community based healthcare.

We continued to pursue other developmental goals focused on Africa; Implementing Africa’s maritime security strategies continued work on development in Africa and was held at a time when increasing attention was being paid to maritime security. There was serious international interest to contribute further to African led efforts to secure their maritime domains.

In a dynamic conference including several former Olympians and an opportunity for garden games, Sport for development: a catalyst for change looked at the unique ability of sport to empower individuals, unite communities, tackle inequality and address a wide range of social challenges. New frontiers for evaluation in an era of market-oriented development explored how evaluation practices and approaches need to be adapted to assess the impact of new market oriented development initiatives.